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Farting Survey Results

Category X

When women were asked what color they think a fart would be, the most common answers were brown and green.

Only half of the women surveyed admit that they like to fart. About one fifth don't mind farting, but don't necessarily like it. Only 10% of women absolutely do not like to fart!

If women could make a change to their farts, the most common change would be to eliminate the smell. This response was much more common over the next most common response, less farts.

The most common ratings for stink were 1 and 10. The frequencies seem to peak at 1 and 10 and decrease/increase accordingly. Ratings for sound varied greatly, but a rating of 1 was the most common. The trend for length seems to peak at values less than 5 indicating that women believe that their farts are generally short. By far the most common rating for density was 1, and less than 5, indicating that many women believe that their farts do not last very long. Most women rate the flammability of their farts as either 1 or 10.

For this question, we expect that average would be the most common response for all categories. Most women believe that their farts are of average odor, and slightly less believe that their farts stink above average. Most women believe that their farts sound average. The most common comparison for flammability was above average. These results are not surprising.


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