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Farting Survey Results

Category VII
C'mon Baby Light my Fire!

Almost half of the women surveyed indicate that they have considered lighting their farts. They may not have actually done it, or tried it, but they have thought about it.

About a quarter of the women surveyed have lit their own farts. From these results, we can conclude that 1 of every 4 women have attempted lighting their farts. The large majority of women that have attempted to light their farts were able to successfully burn their farts. The other 14% may not have attempted to ignite enough gas, or their diet is not conducive to enough of a flammable mixture of gasses in their farts.

It appears that most women's farts burn with a blue flame. This is due to the methane present in farts. Additionally, we also produce hydrogen which burns with a hard yellow flame. Yellow flame was the second most common flame color. We all produce different mixtures of these gases which produce many different colors when ignited. Women reported 21 different colors, but only the top 12 were worth mentioning.

Lighting farts can be very dangerous. About a third of the women that admit lighting their farts admit getting some type of burn. About half of these burns consist of just singing of hair. 28% of these burns consist of burning a hole in one's underwear, and 33% are unfortunate enough to burn their butts.


About one-fifth of the women surveyed were brave enough to light somebody else's fart. Most of these lit farts came from friends or boyfriends/husbands.

About half of the women surveyed admit seeing somebody light a fart in real life. Most of these women witnessed a friend lighting a fart. In conclusion, it seems that fart lighting is mostly something done around friends, not family.


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