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Farting Survey Results
January 15 - December 2, 2001


To make this page load quicker, we have divided the results into question categories. Each page can take up to a minute to load if you are using a dial up modem so please be patient. You can navigate to any category,

Question Categories
"I Gotta Rip One!"
Who Farted?
What Stinks?
The Dirty Truth
It's All in the Butt
C'mon Baby, Light my Fire!
Savin' a Little for Later
The Good Ol' Days


Since not enough women completed the survey, we were unable to provide results for certain questions and will not be able to provide comparisons based on ethnicity, age or location.

Results for certain questions were not counted or included in this report because these questions are being field tested for future surveys. The results for these questions will be available when the next survey is complete.

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