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Farting Survey Results

Category II
I Gotta Rip One!

Questions in this category focus on the basic characteristics of a fart.

Women fart an average of 8 times (or between 7 and 9 times) per day. 50% of the women surveyed fart between 5 and 10 times per day.

Obviously home is the most common place women allow themselves to fart, however, a large proportion also fart around friends and family. Women surveyed obviously feel that school, work, and when around men are the most inappropriate times to fart. Half of the women surveyed allow themselves to fart in front of their mate.

Two-thirds of the women surveyed admit that they have blamed other people for their farts.

Half of women surveyed believe that they fart enough. One quarter of women think they fart too much, and about one-fifth do not fart enough.

When women were asked to describe their farts, we separated the results as if two different questions had been asked.


When women were asked to describe their farts, most women (77%) chose a response indicating that their farts stink. Only 23% describe their farts as odorless.

Unlike odor, women's responses regarding the loudness of their farts varied, almost equally.


The most frequent response was that a woman's friends would laugh if he farted. The next most common answers were that a woman's friends would shout "ewww!" The chart on the right shows that about half of women's friends would react positively if she farted around them, about one third said that his friends would unfortunately react negatively. A small 19% of women chose a response that indicates no reaction.


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