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Farting Survey Results

Category III
Who Farted?

About half of the men surveyed indicated that they do get embarrassed when they fart. Most of these men only get embarrassed when they fart in public. The other half of men indicate that the do not get embarrassed when they fart, some even like to fart.

About half of all men surveyed admit that they have a reputation for their farts among friends, family, coworkers, etc.

It appears that fruit and grain appear to be the least helpful for gas production. The largest proportion of men believe that vegetables give them the most gas, followed by meat and dairy.

When men were asked how they would react if somebody farted in front of them, their responses varied greatly. The most common answer was "laugh," but many men indicated that they would comment on the person's fart, or even compete with them. Most men chose a response that indicates that they would respond positively to somebody farting around them, not negatively. Respondents also had the option to type in their reaction. The most common typed in reactions were that men would sniff the fart, or rank it.

Surprisingly, when in public, half of men would fart silently. We expected that most men would hold it. One quarter of the men surveyed indicated that they were proud enough to blast their fart. 14% of men would hold their fart, 9% would fart and blame it on someone else. Only 3% of men would leave the room, and only 2% would go to the restroom. The story changes when men are around their friends or family! Most men indicate that they would blast it out, and close to one fifth would let it out silently. Again, 9% of men would have some fun by farting and blaming it on someone else. Only 16% of men would not fart in this situation. When alone, virtually all men blast it out proudly, and who can blame us!


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