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Flatulence Survey

Please fill out this survey. We are interested in learning about society and its view of flatulent behaviors. Whether you think that flatulence is vulgar or not, we would like to hear from you! We greatly appreciate your time! :-) And be honest!

Sex:                                                                             Male                Female


State where you live (if in US) or country.                    

Ethnic Background                                                      

Do you find pleasure in passing gas?                               Yes             I don't "like" it, but I don't mind it.           No

About how many times per day do you pass gas (average)?    

In what social situations do you allow yourself to pass gas? At Home          At Work          at School          around friends
                                                                                         around family  around the opposite sex              around girl/boyfriend/spouse
                                                                                         in public

Do you find pleasure, comedy or pride in the odor produced by your flatulence?                                Yes                No

Do you find pleasure, comedy or pride in the odor produced by the flatulence of others?                    Yes                No

Whose flatulence is more pleasing?                                My own          Someone else's

Do you ever blame someone else for your flatulence?    Yes                No

What do/would you do when you pass gas in public?     Admit it
                                                                                    Apologize or say excuse me
                                                                                    Blame it on someone else.
                                                                                    Pretend it didn't happen.
                                                                                    Leave or hide.

My flatulence has an odor...                                          Always
                                                                                    Depending on what I eat
                                                                                    Only when I need to go to the bathroom.

My flatulence is best described as...                               Loud with Odor
                                                                                     Audible with Odor
                                                                                     Inaudible with Odor
                                                                                     Loud but Odorless
                                                                                     Audible and Odorless
                                                                                     Inaudible and Odorless
                                                                                     Varying based on diet.

Are you ever embarrassed when you pass gas?              Yes
                                                                                     Only when in public.
                                                                                     No, it doesn't bother me.
                                                                                     No, I like it.

Who do you think passes gas more?                               Men                Women


I pass gas....        too infrequently    enough    too frequently

The odor of my flatulence can be best described as   

When I get the urge to pass gas, I...                         

Which food gives you the most gas?                        

What part of flatulence is most pleasing/comical?     The odor               Sound

Have you ever passed gas competitively (with friends, etc.)?    Yes             No

If so, did you win?                                                                  Yes        No         Never competed.

Do your expulsions sometimes leave deposits (aka Skid Marks) in your undergarments?
Yes, always         Yes, sometimes.    Yes, once or twice.    No

Has passing gas ever resulted in defecation (soiling) in your undergarments?    Yes    No

Passing gas/flatulence is...

not of any concern

When you were growing up, who was known for having the "most memorable" flatulence?

older brother
younger brother
older sister
younger sister
an uncle

What position do you assume when you pass gas?

I lift a cheek
I bend forward (when sitting)
I bend over (when standing)
I lift a leg
I get on all fours
I squat

If you were in a group with your good friends and you passed gas, what would your friends do?

cheer me on
try to compete with me
punch me
cover their noses in disgust
shout "EWWW!"
ditch me
they would be astonished
they would pretend it didn't happen
they wouldn't do anything.

 Do you possess the ability to allow air into your colon and pass gas repeatedly? (Yes, this is true)

No, but I know someone that can.
I've never even heard of that.
No, and I don't know anyone that can do that.

If you were to pass gas in competition (with friends etc.), how would you rank?

I would probably win.
I would probably be somewhere near 1st.
I would do OK.
I would probably lose.

Do you believe that flatulence can really ignite?


Have you ever considered igniting your flatulence?

I have done it.
I have tried, but it didn't ignite..
Yes, I have considered it.

If you have ever ignited your flatulence, what color was the flame?   

Did you get burned?                                            Yes            
                                                                           Just singed my hair.
                                                                           Just my pants.

Have you ever stored your flatulence inů.

    A balloon?     Yes             No
    A jar?            Yes             No
    A bag?          Yes             No

If flatulence had a color, what color would it be?        

If you could change one thing about your flatulence, what would it be?       

When do you pass gas the most (check all that apply)?        In the morning                    At night                While sleeping
                                                                                          After I eat                           When I need to go to the bathroom

Describe a moment involving flatulence (optional):    

 If you would like to be notified when the first set of results is available (probably in January 2001), please provide us with your email address. This is optional, and your email address will not be given to anyone, or used for anything besides contacting you regarding the posting of results.

For comments or suggestions, email us!

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